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For indoor environment Compact water chiller for indoor environment. Ambient air is heated by the surrounding environment. Therefore, if the chiller is placed in a small and low room, it must be drained out by the air conduits.    
For outdoor environment JN-xx coolers are compact for external environment. In winter, the water must be discharged or used antifreeze. Galvanized frame, galvanized sheet metal powder coated for outdoor use, or stainless steel finish.    
Split systems Chiller with separate condenser. Refrigeration unit is located inside and condenser is in the outside. All the heat is discharged into the environment.      
For health service. For health service.      
Special applications The chillers are compact for outdoor use. It is necessary to drain the water in winter or use antifreeze. Fire-galvanized frame, galvanized sheets, powder colour to the outside, or stainless steel.    
Accessories Accessories.